Covid Reopening Guidelines


At the Ticketpro Dome, the health and wellbeing of everyone who visits our venue is our number one priority.

In line with the Government Regulations, the following measures will be implemented at the Ticketpro Dome.

Venue principles for hosting events safely at the Ticketpro Dome

We will work in partnership with every client to meet the needs of each specific event. Outlined here are the key principles to consider during the planning phase of your event.

General Principles

• Wearing of masks is mandatory;
• Maintain physical distancing of 1,5 meters;
• Physical distancing signage and markers (@ 1,5m intervals) will be available in all common areas such as catering outlets and bathroom areas;
• Touch-free alcohol-based hand-sanitisers will be available at all main entrances / exits, bathroom exits and high traffic communal venue areas such as catering outlets;
• We urge all visitors to regularly wash their hands with soap; available in all bathroom areas;
• Doors for public access such as bathroom facilities, prayer room, etc. have been changed to foot operated door openers;
• Our Medical Clinic is fully equipped with qualified personnel to assist with any medical necessities

• Surfaces in communal areas such as door handles, stair rails and escalator rails are sanitised regularly throughout the venue;
• Generic safety notices reminding people of physical distancing and hand washing will be installed around all entry and exit points;
• We will ensure all venue employees and venue service partners are fit to work
• Staff will be trained to take all necessary precautions to ensure safe interactions;
• Staff will be issued with appropriate PPE for their role;
• Air-conditioning configured to maximise fresh air
• We are minimising physical contact where possible throughout the venue, encouraging cashless and contactless payment;
• Our Venue Risk Assessment has been updated to address Covid-19;
• Our website will help inform your visitors of the measures in place


• Our kitchens and food & beverages facilities have the necessary certifications and maintain the highest food safety protocols;
• Menus have been reviewed and no open products will be served. Items will be pre-wrapped and packaged items;
• Disposable cups and food coverings are recyclable or biodegradable;
• Furniture in public seating areas will be limited and adequately spaced to ensure physical distancing;
• We will work with Organisers to create additional public seating space within the exhibition space to recover some of the reduced capacity;
• All transactions for food and beverage will be cashless;
• Staff will wear appropriate PPE and adhere to extra hygiene measures;
• Enhanced cleaning regimes and operating procedures will be in place;
• Additional precautions taken have been alarms which sound every 30-minutes prompting the kitchen staff wash their hands and sanitize work areas;
• New hygiene screens have been installed at service counters;
• Food preparation areas will be regularly inspected;


• We encourage pre-booking for a contactless parking experience
• Card payments can be made at all pay machines to avoid using cash
• Hand sanitiser will be available at touch points

Medical Centre

• Our Medical Centre will be fully operational providing general first aid advice and treatment;
• Anyone feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 will need to contact the COVID-19 Public Hotline on 0800 029 9999 for specialist advice and leave the venue;
• No quarantine room will be offered for anyone with symptoms to avoid infecting others within the venue;

Client Duty / Responsibility

Recognising each event is different, in accordance with government guidelines, we will work in collaboration with each client to meet the needs of each specific event towards providing a safe environment. In addition to the Venue Principles above, we organiser of an event has responsibilities for effective operations which include:

Risk Assessment

In conjunction with the venue, the Clients’ Safety & COVID Compliance Manager to conduct a risk assessment to determine the measures required to be put in place for the event.

Build-up & Breakdown

• A health screening form or data management tool for tracking and tracing to be in place with all service providers and exhibitors required to pre-register before arriving at the venue
• All service provides to arrive with the necessary PPE or entry to be prohibited by the event security
• No mask, no entry
• As a condition of entry temperatures will be checked at the entrances
• All vehicles coming to the loading areas must follow a registration system to manage capacity with the venue


• The Event Cleaning Service Provider to ensure all staff trained to deliver new cleaning procedures;
• This includes

– ensuring all touch points, as well as seating in conference and meeting areas are regularly wiped with chlorine-based cleaning fluid;
– all bathrooms allocated their own monitor to ensure the facility is checked and maintained regularly. Part of their role will be to manage queuing to use the bathroom facilities

• It is recommended Visitor toilets be closed every 30 minutes for cleaning on rotation;
• Increased cleaning crews and frequency of cleaning to be considered;
• Non-touch waste bins to be used on the show floor and emptied regularly;
• Organisers and exhibitors to provide their own sanitiser for their offices, stands, as well as protocols for sanitising equipment and visitors do not share;

Arrival at venue

• The venue has multiple entrances allowing for safe management of arrivals and queues
• We recommend parking tickets are to be bought in advance on the parking app; there will no facility for printing of tickets or cash onsite 
• No mask, no entry
• Event security to check temperatures at the entrances to the expo

Expo Open Days

• We will help organisers plan their queuing systems to enable physical distancing at entry points and well-controlled access to the event;
• Touchless hand sanitiser dispensers will be installed around the venue;
• Signage will be in place in communal areas to encourage physical distancing;
• We will work with the organiser to determine the appropriate capacity for your event based on the Government’s physical distancing guidance;
• Aisle will have a minimum width of 3m

Capacity & Flow

The number of people who can be present in the event at any one time and physically distanced to meet local regulations which is likely to impose a reduction in visitor numbers.

Measurers could be:

• Institute “sessions” where the expo day in divided into visiting blocks, ie 10h00 – 18h00 has 2hr visitor rotations;
• Increase open hours/days to allow for longer visitor rotations – 3hrs;
• Consider staggered entry times;
• Increase entry and exit points;
• Use mobile apps for pre-registration to limit numbers and assist with contact tracing if required;
• Space planning to ensure the agreed density without causing bottlenecks.
• Implement one way flows clearly signposted
• Discourage stand functions;
• Use ticketing agent who can provide live foot count in the venue;
• Event layouts will require re-design in order to implement effective physical distancing.


Physical distancing requirements will result in requiring more space
Consideration to be given to any area of the expo where a queue might form to create a solution to increase free flow and reduce the potential for queues.

Create one way flow around the exhibition (see below)

Education to the vistor

• Online registration / ticket purchase
• Bring your own mask
• No mask, no entry
• If you don’t feel well; don’t come to the event
• Hand sanitisers will be provided throughout the common public areas of the venue.
• Reminder to regularly wash hands and refrain from personal greetings
• Maintain physical distancing of 1,5 meters

In Conclusion

The above is a preliminary plan consisting of basic protective measures to be implemented at the venue in conjunction with our clients and suppliers. Our final plan will incorporate advice and guidance from the World Health Organization, The Department of Health, The Department of Employment and Labour and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

Rest-assured the health and safety and well-being of all those who work at and attend events at the venue is our priority. We are committed to all reasonable steps to promote and maintain safe and healthy conditions are in place.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Ticketpro Dome in the near future.

Download our reopening guides here:

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