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rAge Expo

9 October 2015

rAge – the really Awesome gaming expo, 09 to 11 October 2015
Plunge into the dynamic world of gaming at the annual rAge mega-event, otherwise known as the really Awesome gaming expo. South Africa‘s most hotly anticipated annual gaming and technology expo, and the biggest gaming gathering on the continent, rAge covers all the bases by appealing to newcomers, hard-core enthusiasts, casual gamers, young and old, futurists and fundies. For three days the world of tomorrow takes flight at Ticketpro Dome at Northgate from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October 2015.
Brought to you by the creators of NAG magazine and NAG Online (, rAge 2015 will boast a unique collection of console and PC video games, computers, technology, computer hardware for sale, virtual reality peripherals, exclusive preview events for upcoming games, behind-closed-door sessions, local game development studios, an epic 2,500-seat 52-hour BYOC LAN, gaming apparel and accessories, competitive eSports events, international game developers, local artists, comics, cosplay, a packed-all-weekend-long stage schedule, and promises to cater to thousands of like-minded geeks, gamers, technology enthusiasts and everyone in between.
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