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1 March 2018

Definition of hobby: noun < hob-by > \’ha-be\
plural hobbies
: an interest or activity to which a person devotes time for pleasure
The tagline of this year‘s Hobby-X is “because you love it”, and the expo encompasses a whole lot of fun activities that people pursue purely for pleasure.
There is a complete car restoration and customisation area including Monster Trucks, Jet Dragsters and a unique car collection. Paintball and wall-climbing for those who never want to grow up. A food marketplace with exotic and interesting offerings will tempt the aspiring MasterChef.
A Kunsvlyt Theatre, with celebrity appearances by previous winners of the kykNET TV program of the same name, will run “best project” competitions throughout the show. At the nearby Kunsvlyt Café the less bold can try out the materials and projects – without the audience, and with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake to fortify them.
The workshops at Hobby-X have always been firm favourites, and this year there will be 10 workshop areas dotted around the show, with continuous hands-on craft workshop. Catering for smaller groups than the previous classroom style workshops, the new format will allow for much greater interaction with the teacher, and greater individual attention. And the choice of topics and projects is broad and on trend.
The core of Hobby-X has always been the materials, equipment, supplies and ideas for hobbies and crafts! Power tools, adhesives, silicones and resins, mosaic, art supplies, scrapbooking, pewter, papers, framing, paints, gadgets, gizmos and machinery – you‘ll find them all at Hobby-X.