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10 Wedding Expo Success Tips from the pros

With more than 20 shows under the belt, Wedding Inspirations magazine shares tips on how to make the best of your stand at The Wedding Expo.
Whether you are a veteran exhibitor or a newbie, it is always a great idea to be reminded of the key things you should be doing to prepare to get the best out of your expo experience. Veteran exhibitor at The Wedding Expo, Wedding Inspirations magazine shares these ten tips with us.

  1. Design your stand so that it makes a statement and immediately announces to the visitor what your service or product is. For example, we sell magazines on our stand and so we have magazines on display with a counter for an easy sales experience.
  2. Give away something that the visitor actually wants. We offer discounts off the normal price and the opportunity to buy quantity at reduced rates.
  3. Collect your own names for a lead list. Even if you are involved in activations with the organiser and could receive contacts from that, it is a good idea to collect your own names by running a competition or a show discount specific to your service or product.
  4. Qualify visitors immediately that they approach your stand. Find out what their date is and if they are actually looking for your service or just browsing. If they are just browsing, you don‘t need to spend time with them and can move onto the more valuable interaction.
  5. Set goals and arrange to consult with potential clients after the show if they are not interested in confirming immediately. If you set goals, you will know exactly how you are doing from the beginning. Divide your goals between those on the lead list and those with secured follow-up consultations.
  6. Be friendly and approachable. Invite the visitor into your stand. Even though we have a counter to facilitate sales, we make a point of not staying behind the counter as this creates a barrier to communication. By inviting a visitor into the stand to look at and talk about the magazine, this interaction results in more sales.
  7. Bring your own refreshments. Make sure you have water, and even snacks on your stand in case you are not able to get away. This will ensure that you don‘t droop from lack of sustenance. But be sure not to eat on your stand, step away for a minute.
  8. Stay until the end of the day. Don‘t leave your stand towards the late afternoon; there are always visitors who come in at the last minute. If you step away from your stand during the quiet times, you may miss valuable one-on-one time with a bridal couple.
  9. Network with the other exhibitors at the expo. This is one of the key benefits of being at an exhibition. This builds relationships within the industry and introduces you to new vendors and new ideas.
  10. Follow up! The hard work starts on the day after the show! The sooner you follow up after the show, the more likely the visitor will remember you and be open to a one-on-one consultation. Send out a note to say thank you for visiting the stand and provide them with more detail or a special invitation to meet with you.

The Wedding Expo has four shows per year as follows:
Johannesburg at the Ticketpro Dome                                         :                             11 and 12 March & 26 and 27 August 2017
Cape Town at the CTICC                                                                                       :                             10 and 11 June 2017
Durban at the Durban Exhibition Centre                              :                             5 and 6 August 2017
To book a stand, contact The Wedding Expo by email to or call 086 111 3997 or visit and complete the form on the contact page.
To purchase tickets to visit The Wedding Expo, visit and click the buy tickets link on the top right hand corner of the home page. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Ticket prices are – Joburg R120.00 per person, Cape Town and Durban R100.00 per person.