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2 February 2018

Collective Soul have followed their songs and souls to hits and multi-platinum alt-rock success, starting with 1993`s anthemic hit `Shine` and onto `December,` `The World I Know,` a duet with Elton John, a song on the hit Twilight soundtrack, and eight acclaimed albums.
But that was then. And this is now. See What You Started By Continuing, produced by Ed Roland, as were all the band`s previous records, is Collective Soul`s ninth album, and first in six years. After 19 straight years of an often-gruelling album-touring cycle, the pause was intentional. And it served to bring the Atlanta-based line-up back with a fresh enthusiasm and approach. `People take vacations for a reason; to recharge and enjoy yourselves,` Ed observes. On their time off, Ed`s younger brother Dean formed a duo; Ed created the Sweet Tea Project; Will Turpin released solo records. `When we came back, we were just so ready and happy to be together and make new music,` says Ed. `We had time to think about what we had accomplished, and we are very proud of that. We came back with a lot more confidence.` Plus, with the 2012 addition of drummer Johnny Rabb, and lead guitarist Jessie Triplett joining the family in 2014, the classic Collective Soul triumvirate were even further energized.
Founded in 1999 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Wade in suburban Los Angeles while still in his teens as Blyss, Lifehouse has forged a path that most bands only dream about, topping the charts, having hit songs all over the radio, sharing the stage at arenas with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and Matchbox Twenty.