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STEM conference & career expo addresses why graduates struggle to find jobs

Why many graduates still struggle to find jobs in South Africa?

Getting a matric certificate and qualifying for university is every high school learner‘s dream and receiving a qualification is every student‘s dream. But what is a graduate‘s dream?

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From a young age, many of us are told that having a degree will guarantee you a job in South Africa, but you might have thought otherwise last year when some graduates took to the streets with the Hire A Graduate Campaign. The reality is, we cannot rely solely on government to create jobs and offer opportunities for graduates, thus it is crucial that we come up with creative ways to bridge the gap be in graduate unemployment.
“We are creating more opportunities for young people to be exposed to the working world through internships, apprenticeships, mentorship and entrepreneurship” said President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 2018 budget speech.
The government aims to create 3 million internships within the next 3 years which should help them gain necessary work experience.
However, with the unemployment rate among graduates sitting at 7.3% in 2017, we don‘t want high school pupils to not be encouraged to go to varsity because they see that going to varsity does not guarantee employment.
Thus, a specialised event such as the STEM Conference & Career Expo aims to address these issues through promoting Science and Mathematics education from a high school level.
This conference targets graduates, university alumni and high school pupils in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).
“The expo will bring blue chip corporate companies and graduates into the same room and leaners can be inspired to pursue STEM careers through learning, experiencing and connecting with people in STEM they can relate to” said Eric James Wright, CEO of Africa MBA Indaba, event organisers.
“Students and graduates can take advantage of our extensive conference program which will help guide them and alumni through their STEM journeys. The conference will touch on topics like students in STEM and their experiences, young entrepreneurship, managing life and finances in the working world and so forth”.
The 2nd annual event will be held at the Ticketpro Dome, Blue Wing from 27 – 28 July 2018.
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